I Am Building A Forest: Light Test

A continuation in my ridiculous adventure in stop motion animation.

Things are starting to get reeeeeeally exciting. 😀 A good friend of mine is well on her way to finishing the highly anticipated forest-tromping character.

And tonight (it’s about 3am, eek!) a most awesome art-music jam session was had- and we got a feel for sound- which has now developed into a song- whilst I was testing my lights with LED candles and crazy camera shenanigans.

I was basically just playing around with color, different lights, and different positions within the set, making notes along the way with what I might like to tweak later. My first light and color test, if you will! 😀

Check out my first animation test on YouTueb here.

One thought on “I Am Building A Forest: Light Test

  1. Charming as hell, Meg. Be careful of your exposures and, especially, depth of field. You need to be pretty intentional about what’s in focus, how much is in focus and how much detail is contained in the parts that are in focus. Can’t wait to see further advances in your four dimensional work!

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