I Am Building A Forest: 9 hours, 1000 photos, and 3 Bottles of Wine Later…

The other night I spent about 6 hours pacing a 10 foot square area that is my bedroom. Or at least, my bedroom with my camera stuff, computer, and ghetto-rigged lighting setup contained within it.

It was long. It was tedious.

So I bought wine, to make it much less long and tedious. 😀

The sun came up and my camera battery died (Why I’m doing a shoot like this with only one camera battery…is stupid. Lesson learned.), so I stopped. Took a nap, went to work, played some disc golf, purchased more wine, and finished shooting the remainder of the large stage that night. Shooting is almost complete! I’m sitting at about 1000 photos, with maybe three or four hundred to go.

Take a look:

No color grading was used on these photos. The set was lit with LEDs duct taped to my walls, some tripod boxes, and to the actual set out of frame. High tech and classy, I know. 😀

Some photos of the process:

Stage unlit.

Main Tree/Flowers Detail: Stage Unlit

Paper Tree Detail: Unlit

Early Test Shot

Shadows On My Bedroom Wall

More coming soon. I’m afraid of the Monster of an editing project this is going to become, but the worst is over!

Can I just say this?

Watching this project come to life is simply. Amazing.

Watch my test animation on YouTube

4 thoughts on “I Am Building A Forest: 9 hours, 1000 photos, and 3 Bottles of Wine Later…

  1. I am thinking thus: can’t wait for the finished product. You seem to be in good control of the variables but I can’t imagine the story you want to tell. I like the title, the color, the spooky, Eastern European mood.
    Email me your address so I can thank you financially for getting the graphic novel thing on the road. Dinner soon? Les

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