A Thank You Post.

As things are beginning to snowball out of control in the best way possible, I have been doing some reflecting on just how thankful I am for everyone that’s been there and supported me along the way, and will hopefully be there in the future.

2 years ago I started this blog. I remember being an on-fire, caffeine-fueled, almost-college graduate that wanted to see dynamic cultural progress in the cities that I live in. It’s here. It just seemed like no one knew about it. So I started writing. I started writing, pushing, promoting, straight-up borderline harassing people about all of the great cultural happenings going on here in the QCA. We’ve got Daytrotter bringing in on-the-cusp, successful indie musicians for live tapings. We have Rozztox in Rock Island hosting these great musicians, showing compelling contemporary documentaries, and hosting gallery openings of successful, career-driven artists right in our backyard. (Grammy-winner Kimya Dawson anyone?)We have innovative artists and designers hiding in the corners of coffee houses, the Quad Cities’ Universities at large, at the farmer’s market, working the service industry, and within our city councils.

I started documenting the progress of my own artwork, carving my own nonexistent niche here. Eventually, my artwork, and my passion for arts advocacy outgrew themselves, so I started a separate blog for arts and cultural advocacy purposes: [starpower]* .That was one year ago.

8 months ago I was in the beginning stages of what was then a tentative personal “pet” project, I Am Building A Forest. Through the growing support of both blogs and a combination of word of mouth, I Am Building A Forest evolved from a pet project, to a finished short film, to an entire multimedia installation– not landing me one gallery exhibition, but three. Gallery representation with multiple galleries in the QCA, representation in Chicago, numerous shows, lectures, and workshops throughout the last 6 months, paid blog postings, newspaper articles and finally…

My own gallery- opening on December 7th.

Words cannot express my gratitude to my supporters, online and off. Word of mouth is a powerful tool, and clearly the word is traveling.

I want to thank all of my mentors, friends, and family that have encouraged me, supported me, knocked some sense into me, and told me to keep plowing on, even during the blue days.

I want to thank Reddit.com and the redditors that follow and also promote my efforts. Without you, those word-of-mouth gaps would have a difficult time being filled.

I want to thank my service industry employers for continually reminding me that I will not be doing this for the rest of my life, and motivating me to make moves- that don’t involve asking what their side of choice would be. (mashed potatoes? coleslaw?)

To this day, The Adventures of MegaMeg has received 34,045 hits.

[starpower]*, the young budding blog, has received 6, 151 hits, all specific to the QC Area.

All of this is thanks to you: the local community. Many many thanks cannot even begin to cover it.

Much love. ❤

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