Life Update, and Plant-Type Things.

A moment to breathe. Time for a life update.

It has been approximately one month since I opened my first gallery with my business partner in crime, and boy, has it been a ride.


I feel like I’m in college again, with a maddening schedule, planning out every hour of my day trying to figure out when I have time to do….everything. As much as I hate to admit it, it is definitely an adjustment to have to manage my time so strictly again- it’s been almost two years since I was a college student doing just that. Put your game face on, Meg.

Since starting my new business, I’ve also picked up semi-steady work as a traveling art educator, mainly working with students with disabilities. My little brother has Asberger’s syndrome, and having a hand in fostering creativity in all students, especially one’s with unique life challenges, is close to my heart. I recently spent the majority of the last week helping students create their own comic books, and make paintings. Possibly my two most favorite things in the world. It was a blast, but I am reminded of the respect I’ll always have for teachers- they do SO much more work than you think they do. I had to be to my job site by 7am. With a one hour commute, that means I’m on the road by 6am. If I want to prep for my day, perform dog duties, eat breakfast, and look presentable for my night job- which I leave straight for, I’m getting up at 4:30am. I thought I would hate it. And the first day I certainly did.

Painting workshop in Clinton, Iowa

Painting workshop in Clinton, Iowa

However…dare I say it? I think…that I like mornings. (Don’t tell anyone!) After caffeinated assistance in pulling out of my morning haze, there’s something really enjoyable about having a period of quiet, unaltered peace to get my mind right for the day. I make breakfast, walk my dog, work out,  straighten up, knock out annoying duties that would normally distract me all day (did I check my email? Did I submit that invoice? Did I call person XYZ back? Did I book that event?), set some minor goals, and then am free to crush my day with nothing but productivity, and creativity. It feels damn good. I’ve also learned to sleep less. That also feels damn good. Don’t get me wrong, I love sleep, but there are so many things to do in a day, and sleep just takes up valuable time as far as I’m concerned. Thank god for Yerba Mate, and Soy Lattes. 🙂

The business is going well, all things considered. I can safely say that I’m breaking even on expenses, which is more than a blessing. There is definitely still a sharp learning curve, and lessons that are still going to be learned. But, for the first time- I have a semi-steady creative income, and you can see its radiating positive effect on my mood, and general vibe. Since I’ve gone from working the service industry from 65 hours a week to about 30. That’s roughly 3 or 4 days a week. As a result of that, I am a much more joyous person to be around at either job- service or otherwise. I’ve seen this positive effect radiate through all of my coworkers and good friends, which also makes me extremely happy. To engage people in an active and positive way- brings me joy.

Every time I come into my night job, I have coworkers and customers genuinely interested in what new thing is happening.  My lady friends have started their own craft night. Regular customers and friends are pulling me aside to show me the newest obscure thing that might interest me- a funky container for my terrariums, a vintage bottle, a painting by an unknown artist. I had a coplete stranger walk up to me and tell me how happy she was that I was playing TEDtalks as a casual gallery event. Me? Absolutely flattered. My art life, job life, and night life are all starting to overlap, and it’s an interesting and fulfilling dynamic.

Second day loading book donations for Zola's first waste diversion project. I wonder where those book planters came from? :)

Second day loading book donations for Zola’s first waste diversion project. I wonder where those book planters came from? 🙂

I’ve also been going through a plant phase. I just can’t let it go. I went from bookshelf herb-growing, to starting seeds in aquariums, to small recycled, container terrariums, to…plants and containers covering every surface in my home, and a small, slightly obsessive habit of converting books into plant vessels. They seem to be going over really well- cost of materials are low so I can price them accordingly and reasonably. And, there’s really just nothing better than adding a living, breathing, growing environment to your environment. I’ve been asked to bring the to a few artsy crafty events in Iowa City…maybe bulk orders are in the future? One can hope! 😛

Desktop Companion Globe Terrarium. $20 Available at Zola Gallery, or on my Etsy store:

Desktop Companion Globe Terrarium. $20 Available at Zola Gallery, or on my Etsy store:

My favorite book planter. Custom and bulk orders available upon request.

My favorite book planter. Custom and bulk orders available upon request.

With all of the craziness of work going on, it’s time to start planning for play. Plans for summer vacation are in development with the final running destinations being Sedona, Denver, or Portland. Possibly more than one. We shall see. But it’s time for a road trip. It has been entirely too long. 😀

Everything being said, that is all that is happening in the crazy life of Meg.

Well, not really.

But that may be a blog post for another time.

Time for lunch. 😀

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