Tremont Garden Getdown 2014

Last week I had the pleasure of participating in my second annual Tremont Garden Getdown.

Laura Klavitter, one of the wonderful people behind the Tremont Garden Project. Starting out the beginning of the fundraiser (2014) with a fund-goal carrot-chart. :D

Laura Klavitter, one of the wonderful people behind the Tremont Garden Project. Starting out the beginning of the fundraiser (2014) with a fund-goal carrot-chart. 😀

The Tremont Garden Project is located in Davenport, Iowa. In their 3rd year- they have grown into a wonderful beam of light within the Quad Cities Community- providing fresh, local, pesticide-free food, and a wealth of learning experiences for those that wish to participate. You can join their open Facebook Group for Event updates, helpful growing links, volunteer opportunities, foraged food extravaganzas, and more! A bit more about TGP:

We are a community-based garden in Davenport, Iowa who’s mission is to provide access to fresh, naturally grown, pesticide-free produce while promoting sustainability, healthy lifestyles, and community enrichment.

What this means for YOU:

Our garden is open to all interested in getting involved, regardless of previous gardening experience or skills. If you would like to have access to fresh produce and do not have the space or capacity to grow your own, come grow with us! We have regular scheduled gardening days every month throughout the spring and summer. During the week, all are welcome to stop by and do independent gardening. We always have projects and plants to tend to.

There is a list and a log book to find out how you can help on-site. (Tremont Garden Facebook Group)



Every year, the community comes together for a fundraising event hosted by the Tremont Garden Project to help with garden funding, and an annual “big project” for the year. This year’s “big project” is a recycled window greenhouse, and last week, our community collectively raised over $1000!




Last years efforts funded a backyard drip-irrigation system- assisting the garden in thriving and flourishing in the current season.

The Tremont Garden Project started as a teeny, tiny idea that is slowly growing into a fantastic community effort, and they could certainly use all the help they can get. It’s movements like this, no matter how small, that continuable to greater, bigger, better, and more sustainable social change. If you can’t be present in bodily form, but would love to contribute to a great local cause, check out their safe and secure donation page.


Marcie and Erik hanging out in front my booth

The night was filled with great local music, delicious treats of honey, baked goods, organic, fresh-roasted coffee, local grill food, microbrews, handmade jewelry, natural soap, environmentally-friendly decor, activities for children, and an air guitar power hour that would have knocked your socks off.

Take a peek at some photos below for a few snapshots of this good-vibe-only event.




Children's plant-painting station.

Children’s plant-painting station.


Booth-helper Emily with New Vendor Friend Terri. :D

Booth-helper Emily with New Vendor Friend Terri. 😀




To see more about the types of artistic products I bring to these types of events, bop on over to my Etsy page or check out Studio 2’s Instagram feed.


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