Alice – Work in progress

Work in progress.


This is my second go-round of a bigger, better, Alice piece. (The first one sold, but you can view the WIP on Studio 2’s Instagram page)


A bit about my process:

I collect vintage and antique illustrated books. Children books are my absolute favorite. I then meticulously razor cut out these illustrations, and carefully create shadowboxes with the newly-cut drawings. The delicate elements of these shadowboxes are held in place with pins, and acid-free bookbinding glue, to give the piece structure, and preserve it over time. This is a detail shot- the total size of the piece measures about 12 by 22 inches. This is the first piece of three. More than one Alice book was used in this process.


Alice is always fun to work with because this story, along with it’s illustrations, was one of my favorite as a child. While I normally make shadowboxes that aren’t specifically themed with a well-known story, it is now on the back burner of my creative brain. What if I re-imagined The Brother’s Grimm? Or Peter Pan? What do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “Alice – Work in progress

  1. Oh I love this so much! I adore the Alice stories, they are a big bit of my childhood that’s still with me now. And this technique is so briilaint for Wonderland! Really cool! 😀

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